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News 2002
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December 2002

The group occurred on November 27th, 2002 in Bataclan in Paris, with Merzhin. The room was performed well, approximately 1200 persons. We were very well welcomed, the technical team of the place allowed us to give a concert in good conditions (Thanks to them). We had chosen the less festive titles than usually, exit "Waltz" and "Polka", replaced by "Si la ville" and "A tous les hommes". The public was attentive and warm, and we think of having given one of our best concerts since the arrival of Manu. On November 18th, 2002 Red Cardell live acoustics + interview on the emission of France Inter: "Sous les étoiles exactement" of Serge Levaillant (2 hours at 3 am).

November 2002

The group occurred on scene in Cyber Fest-noz to Quimper on November 2nd, 2002 (concert diffused in LIVE on the site www.antourtan.org). The concert took place well, there were 3500 persons in the room, and approximately 84 000 visits on the site of Antourtan which broadcast all over the world the concert on its site. The technical means were very important. The concert was filmed with the technical means of France 3, which prepares a summary of 26 minutes on the evening. We played a directory based on the dance, Circassian Circle for "I closed my eyes", Gavotte for "Chow", "Chanteur de primes" etc., people danced. Manu has it have a good laugh feasible because it has the impression to be on one trampoline. He will talk again you of it.

The next album takes shape. Since November 4th, 2002, we repeat in the premises of the MJC of Douarnenez. We have already well advanced on 8 titles. Some were already written for two years, the words are ready, it is now necessary to work on the way of proceeding in studio. We work thus especially on the structure of the song, and so to record most possible parts for three. The electro opens numerous doors to the group, the subjects have an oriental colour, when to texts they approach subjects as the picture of Delacroix: "La Liberté guidant le peuple" discovery of the eroticism in our books of history, the Bolshevik chips, the pubs tobacco bingo newspapers, the noise rises from boots, or the influence Arthurienne of these last years in the financial imagination: "twist' n dollars "...

On November 5th, 2002, Patric Kiffer and Patrice Marzin begin the remix of titles not used on the LIVE "La Scène". (See newof the summer). The disc will totally be électro. There will be certainly sound recordings if it justifies itself. It is possible that new fragments arise from this company. The idea seduces us by its originality and the opening that she can bring us. We had already approached the remix on "Douleur" Stephan Kramer had remixed "La Fuite" (we had taken out a CD Rom in 1997, which contained two titles remixed audios, this one and " We' ve got to be alone ", he was pressed only 500 copies) and Luc a remix indeed barge of " One for the rope ". On the other hand we have never taken out it.

October 2002

Fool, Quiberon on October 10th, 2002. We gave a long concert about three hours, what had not arrived at us for a long time, the festivals and the trays allowing us one hour at the thirty past one o'clock of performance. We had repeated the previous days and decided to play two new titles: "Les Chiens" and "Liberté". It is for us a way of grinding the songs which we get ready to record on an album the exit of which is foreseen in the second half of the year 2003.

September 2002

Cardell gave numerous concerts these last months. The most original were given to Camaret onto Sea on August 17th, 2002. The group was accompanied on scene of two musicians. First of all Patrice Marzin guitarist and sound engineer of the last album "La Scène" and Hilton Schilder, musician the African South of the Cap, which played the bow with mouth as well as the keyboard. This musician was met through the association Bonne Espérance. You will find an extract of the concert on the site, a LIVE version of "Lafayette". Jean-Pierre made the show with Merzhin in on "Jeudis du Port" in Aôut 2002 on "Bandit", titles whose author he is. Red cardell and Merzhin met itself on scene on Tuesday, July 9th, 2002 to Landerneau ( 29 ) within the framework of the festival Kann has Loar.

August 2002

Red CARDELL celebrated its ten years to Saint Goazec near Chateauneuf du Faou on July 6th, 2002 to the town hall. The group occurred for the benefit of saint Goazec's associations. We invited some friends to make the show. Pat O May came to play on "Les Gueux", then Jonathan the son of Jean-Michel as well as Dan Ar Braz and Patrice Marzin ended the concert with us. There were four guitarists on scene, we made of the Rock n roll and versions indeed vitaminées of "Parliament", " An dro" etc.... The group Sheer K of Brest (Mixture of Rock and coherent and homogeneous électro) opened the evening, then the interlude was assured by bell-ringers and singers of the region. A friendly holiday in the warm reception. The evening ended by the concert of Sam Cram Band, groups of which jo our ancient to backliner is to sonorisateur. One thank you to all the organizers.

July 2002

The group decided to take out in February 2003 a new album by using bands recorded in Brest in January, 2002 in "La Tête Raide". The disc will be mixed from in the middle of October 2002 in the studio the Music hall to Quimper by Patrice Marzin and Patric Kiffer. The concept is not to realize a new live, but to let the totally free mixers give an interpretation of the music of Cardell from its raw material. Business to be followed...

June 2002

The group is on tour since the beginning of May, 2002. He gave a series of concerts to Saint Barthélémy within the framework of the arrival of the transat Lorient-Saint Barth. Blow of heart: Caf ' Conc to Landéda is a very nice place of concerts. There is possibility of place of residence in a great frame. The team receives you in excellent conditions (contact in 02-98-04-83-08). Cardell works on new titles which the group will record in spring, 2003. The exit of the new album is foreseen for October, 2003. The promotion of the album "La Scène" began in the big-western. If you are a journalist, a columnist, a presenter, do not hesitate to contact us, we shall send you a copy. You can find it at all the record dealer's or order it directly at the distributor's (Coop-Breizh) on its Internet site.

March 2002

Within the framework of evening for the benefit of the fight against the mucoviscidose, on March 30th, 2002 to Carhaix, a disc was recorded. We find Gilles Servat, Dan ar Braz, Annie Ebrel, Léo there etc.... The group made the show with Dan ar Braz, Patrice Marzin, Pat O May, Patric Péron and Stéphane Rama. The disc goes out in June, 2002. All the profits will go to the research against the disease via the association "La Pierre Le Bigault". Jean-Pierre wrote the title "Bandit" on the next album of the group landernéen Merzhin.

February 2002

The general concept of the set is to use at most the possibilities of the recording in multitracks, three days and in the same place. The idea of the album Live was born this summer with the arrival of the new drummer Manu Masko, arrived who is translated by new classifications which led Red CARDELL to envisage a recording in public. It is also a way to present the work of Red CARDELL for several months, Jean-Michel already uses a numeric accordion which pilots keyboards, Manu uses, he, samples as well as electronic pads on which he interprets notes. It opens new horizons to the group.

January 2002

We prepare at present the exit(release) of the fifth album, his name is "La Scène" and will be in tubs on Saturday, April 13th, 2002. There are 11 titles on 27 interpreted in concert 17, 18, and in January 19th, 2002 in "La Tête Raide" in Brest. Patric Kiffer and Patrice Marzin mixed these titles in the studios of the music hall to Quimper. The disc is produced by ourselves and we also assure the promotion. Coop Breizh, distributor to Spézet in centre Brittany, integrates us nevertheless on a new label which he has just created, "Avel Ouest". He has 700 selling points through France. It is thus a project piloted by the group and we expect from your part of the suggestions to translate better the step which is our from now on ten years old.

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