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News 2003
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December 2003

On November 29th Red Cardell will present 5 titles of its new album in concert to Quimper (pavilion) within the framework of Cyber Fest-Noz. Evenement broadcast directly all over the world on the antourtan site (www.antoutan.org). The group prepares a tour of cafes concerts in the Big West (Rennes, Nantes, Brest) over January and February, 2004, then will begin a tour which will cross by Chamonix, Tours, Poitiers, Havre, Sarry in Champagne, Toulouse, as well as festivals in summer as Cornwall, Douarnenez on 2004 and la Saint loup to Guingamp.

November 2003

Red cardell takes out his new album "Sans fard" December 4th at Avelouest. The group will begin then a tour of the "Petits bistrots" of the name of one of the new songs from in the middle of December at the end of March. it will pass by all the big West and we shall not miss to communicate you dates on the site. The coordinates of Cardell change too as you can see it on the site. Listen to on-line the new titles of the group. We have just crossed some perturbentes weeks. Indeed Patric has just announced us his departure after more than 13 working years in common. Our time was thus occupied with restructuring the history. You will find our mail new: inforedcardell@yahoo.fr as well as 2 numbers of mobiles to call us. To write to Patric, his mail stays pkredcardell@aol.com.

October 2003

As regards the new album, its name is thus "sans fard" and its exit is foreseen for the beginning of 2004. The first echos are very positive and allow us to envisage year 2004 under a clear sky. We shall communicate with you the date of exit and the tour in the days and weeks which come. Fragments will be on-line very soon. We made a link with a site which analyzes in a objectivize way the draft agreement on the intermitence. You can thus consult it and so to make you your own opinion on "the business"!!!!.

September 2003

Nico took care of the mixing and worked too in this direction. We are very satisfied with the result because he indeed summarizes these two and a half years of job, since the writing of the titles by way of our répés, concerts, exit of the live and the experimental électro album. We did not fix precise date for its exit but envisage in October when in November. What we also wish it is to set up a tour with a new set from the titles of "Sans fard", we go attacked a cycle of répés in this direction and shall inform you in the next weeks.

On every title the base is recorded for three. We beforehand recorded the samples which uses Manu, on whom we played in live condition, song understood witness. Then we put limps with it the certain second parts of accordions and synthesizers, as well as bombard them. Finally we ended with the songs, there also few grips, generally we made two and chose the best. We made only a handle of edict (numeric assembly) because we wanted to keep has coolness and the spontaneity which densifie the set, and which we find on scene.

The second half of the year was performed well for the group. We ended first of all the mixing of our new album in the studio " The Slipper " to Plestin Les Grèves (22 ), then at the same time given a dozen concerts in the course of the summer. The new album is called "Sans Fard" and contain 15 titles. The production is very live, because we wished to work in a certain urgency.

August 2003

August took place well, we gave good concerts in particular Hydrangeas to Perros and the blue nets to Concarneau. We shall have seen a lot of people this summer, and that does good. We are going to take a little of rest may start again at the end of September. We made the mastering of the album last week, there are fifteen titles, he will be called "Sans fard". The exit is foreseen this autumn.

June 2003

Finally news of the group … It is true that, since the exit of "Cardelectro", we had quite a lot of work. It was necessary to assure the promotion of the album, which we shall continue during the summer which looks rich in concerts, since the festival Echos to Rochefort on Sea in that of the Hydrangeas to Perros-Guirec together with Carlos Nunez. The week end of the holiday of the music, we shall be Thursday to "la Laiterie" in Strasbourg, and on Saturdays, in the "Parc Floral" of Vincennes. There are the other dates, you can consult them regularly on the site. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information by contacting us by e-mail, or on the golden book of the site.

April 2003

Other big construction site of the spring concerns the new album which we prepare for more than two years. As we had indicated it to you, the writing ended in end-January and we made a break for the recording and the mixing of Cardelectro. We finished the pre-production at the end of April and begin the recording on June 2nd. At the moment we work on sixteen titles, we shall see the homogeneity of the set at the end sound recordings foreseen in the middle of June. The end of the mixing is fixed at the end of July and the exit in October. The disc seems to us interesting, because it contains numerous geographies, rock, électro, folk, pop, oriental or Latin, while keeping a strong identity of the musics from here. Quite a lot of Plinn, the Year Dro and of Gavottes. Texts play on this multiplicity of the kinds and keep an especially funny, thus autobiographical tone.

March 2003

Find Red Cardell in him N° of March, 2003 of Armor Magazine. Red cardell takes out his sixth album on March 21st, 2003 to Coop Breizh. It is a électro album produced by Patrice Marzin and Patric Kiffer. The group worked during four months on a project consisting in using bands not mixed on the disc in public taken out in 2002: "La Scène". From riffs of recorded instruments live, we used the musical data processing and so created the structures of songs on which we composed new melodies and paper of the original texts. We played our instrumental parts, and then Patrice and Patric remixed. You will find a portrait of Red Cardell signed Jean Théfaine in the new number of Chorus (N°42).

February 2003

The new album of Cardell is in the course of recording, five titles are already well advanced. The musicians will intervene in the beginning of February, 2003, the end of the mixing is foreseen at the end of the month. The exit is confirmed by March 21st, 2003. The method is particular, because Patric and Patrice set up a musical base on which we are going to have to find melodic parts. This base is conceived on riffs of guitars, recorded in Brest last January, and worked again in a way that they create an atmosphere and a climate different from what we had been able to make previously. Then they dress the riff and create a structure of song. It is rather original, at least it is a funny interesting experience.

January 2003

Outside this project, we compose the titles of an album foreseen for October, 2003. We have already well advanced, ten titles are structured (writing + music). The fact of working on the électro disc at the same time removes quite a lot of pressure. The methods are set but become additional as one goes along.

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