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News 2004
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December 2004

The new album goes out very soon, on December 4th, 2004, it was recorded this summer during about twenty concerts. We selected the titles and Manu "fixed" an original dressing of sounds taken on the road, in the lorry, in the resto etc... His name is "Bal à l'Ouest". We are going to work during some months on the theater of Cornouaille to Quimper on a spectacle the creation of which is foreseen in February, 2006. It will have for Subject "The dance and the sense". It will be the subject of our next album the exit of which is foreseen it at the end of 2005.

That's it the album went out. We celebrated that to the theater of Cornouaille to Quimper on Wednesday, December 8th, 2004 in front of a well performed flowerbed and played some fragments of the album accoustique before taking the apéro with everybody. It was a true nice evening. In quoted of that us began a new working cycle in association with the theater in conditions more than optimum. During 3 days, the work consisted in "boeuffer " and in recording everything to find atmospheres and directions. A dozen ideas went out. We let us be so going to let murir during a month and begin again at the end of January a new cycle and move a little farther. We are very confident and very interested in this new collaboration.

November 2004

We set up the creation of a spectacle for February, 2006, which will have for subject the dance and the sense. We begin the recording of this album before the end of the year, its exit is foreseen the end of 2005. The general idea is to build a way between gestation and parentalité through the music and the dance. We wish around red Cardell to bring in dancers, comedians and musicians and to create a sort of "Bal" in the sense where the public would be himself to invite to participate. The music will be as usual of Breton traditional inspiration and will investigate the musics of the world (The Sense).

In N°5 (in October) of the magazine Celtic Universes, find an Interview of Red Cardell by Stéphane Guihéneuf, as well as an unpublished title recorded there live to the festival of Saint Loup to Guingamp on August 16th of this year: "Les Gueux" a version of 8'37". We finalize at present the disc live recorded in concerts on about twenty dates this summer. We chose to make a recording on 4 tracks, two in exits of mixing desk and two microphones were steered towards the public. Of more Manu concocted some sound commas from recordings in the lorry, hanging balances, on the scene where we played, to translate the atmosphere during this summer tour. We shall integrate the clip of the "Petit bistrot" on this album the exit of which is foreseen the end of November, 2004.

October 2004

After the festivals of the summer, the group made its comeback for New Morning in Paris the end of September and resumes the road. During all summer concerts were recorded and the exit of an album live is foreseen the end of 2004. While continuing the tours, we work on a project of disc ( the end of 2005 ) and spectacle the beginning of 2006 ). They will have for about: "the dance and the sense".

September 2004

Here we are, the comeback it is made. We made good summer with good concerts and a lot of people in front of us. Having recorded the totality of concerts we listen again to everything to take out maybe a CD in a spirit "collector" (big packaging, many photos, the video, the sound and the histories gleaned here and there and titles live) that a CD live normal. We study several projects has to follow .En margin of that we let us be going to go into a process of writing for a new album in one and a half year while continuing the tour " Sans fard". We have just made quite a lot of dates in particular last week. Concerts take place well, furthermore we are lucky because the time is of the party. We are going to turn so to the end of August. We are then going to work on projects of which we shall speak again you from September, 2004.

June 2004

All the concerts of May and June took place well. To note also that Jean Michel has a portrait of 2 pages in the edition of June, 2004 of Accordéon-Accordéonistes and that Manu also has its 2 pages in the Drummer Go shopping of June, 2004. We go out of the weekend in Normandy in full shape. First evening to St Vaast la Hougue (near Cherbourg), we played in a club (L'Orastel) or we distilled a good concert in front of a good public. A very good evening. The next day we belonged to Turretot in some Km from Havre together with Alan Stivell. 80 % of the room did not know us and nevertheless the public was present. Super public, great concert, a good and big moment for us. Thank you for the reception in all those who were there!!!! This week direction the South of France.

April 2004

Voila! The end of the first quarter. We made full of pubs but also some beautiful rooms. The tour takes place well, we develop the enchainement of the titles, the spectacle is a mixture of all the albums, we try to put the " good title " in the good place. That asks of time, but it is rewarding. We make besides the concerts of 2 hours, 2:30 and also that pleases. We soon set up projects for months to come, disc, scene, Net (soon the clip of "Le petit bistrot" on line) we shall talk again you of it...

January 2004

Red Cardell wishes you one happy New Year on 2004... The new album of Cardell, "Sans fard" ( Kashabar / Avelouest) thus went out in December, 2003. The group began its tour of "petit bistrot" in Finisterre and is going to pursue it in the big West during the first quarter 2004. Numerous dates of concerts are foreseen during spring and the next summer in region the Rhone the Alps, in the South the West, Normandy, is from France. If you wish to receive more information do not hesitate to contact us.

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