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News 2005
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December 2005

We return of Ukraine where we registered(recorded) traditional musicians to mix them in the music of our next album (singers, violinists, trumpeters, bamdouristes and cymbalistes). The result vat beyond our artistic expectations while keeping the sound and the style Red Cardell. Outside the studio we made two concerts in club. The media are interested to the " French group which comes to merge both cultures East West", concerts were complete, the monstrous atmosphere and we set a great deal of pleasure. We have to return there in July, 2006 to defend the album which will go out in June, 2006 in Ukraine and in Russia. We hope to have the pleasure to present you the musicians who collaborated with us by making them come to play in France. How we say in the bottom, DAVAY DAVAY!

November 2005

Red Cardell works at present on its next album the exit of which is foreseen in the beginning of March, 2006. The musicians will go to Kiev from 8 till 13 November 2005 to record Ukrainian choirs, as well as section of brass instruments. They will give three concerts in this city. You can consult on the site www.redcardell.com the log book. The first performances of the spectacle which the group prepares for the Theater of Cornouaille Scène nationale de Quimper, since December, 2004, will take place on March 9th, 10th and 11th, 2006 to the Theater Max Jacob. This spectacle is entitled "Red Cardell fait son bal". It is staged by Jean Beaucé (The lighthouse of Yann Tiersen, History of marries, approximately 130 grams). Two representations are foreseen to the Theater of Air Libre to Holy Jacques de La Lande in the course of March, 2006.

September 2005

We have just ended the sound recordings of the new album to the Theater of Cornouaille to Quimper. It consists of 14 titles, which we shall mix in the course of November. The exit of the disc is foreseen the beginning of March, 2006 at the same time as the spectacle "Red Cardell fait son bal" who will be given to the Theater Max Jacob to Quimper on March 9th, 10th and 11th, 2006 (Think of reserving on the site of the Theater). Last Saturday we made the show with the Brothers Morvan on "Joli Coucou", it was a big moment. You will find the Video on the link Antourtan in homepage.

June 2005

Presents on the site of A the Ease Breizh! CD to be won, a pass VIP Backstage for the concert of the festival of the end of the world with Joe Cocker on August 12th, 2005, one day in studio with us at Quimper! In what concerns us, we began to record to the Theater of Quimper. The first grips are satisfactory and consolidate us when in the direction to be taken. It is all the same a novelty for us to record on a period of one year but it is a very pleasant luxury. Of other one esteemed, the summer comes in big no as well as concerts and we are more than impatient persons to find you on the festivals. We prepare for this tour a new set with the introduction of 2 or 3 new fragments, some réarrangés fragments and the usual that we always take so much pleasure to play.

April 2005

We worked all last week long on the new fragments. We begin to have a good subject. We made two small cafés in the villages of Jean Pierre and Jean Michel, a lot of people and of sweat, it did good to us after the days of répés to the Theater. We begin the recording in mid-May. We always advance on the dates of the summer, with a trip in Ukraine which looks interesting, because we should meet an important number of musicians, the traditional musics also know a "bang" mattering over there.

March 2005

We began the month by two dates in Brittany and take off at the moment towards the mountain. The program of concerts for summer is set up and we shall announce you in the next weeks some good surprises... We wrote a dozen new titles and shall be in the times to record the new album. We work on the writing of dialogues at the moment. We inform you. We are going to put on-line photos on the road and répé.

January 2005

We began our work to the theater of Cornouaille to Quimper since the beginning of December, at the rate of cycles of three days a month. 7 titles are dèja set up, there are some texts to be ended, but it moves well. We record for the moment models to prepare sound recordings next May and June. At the moment the general colour is very music of the world and the subjects directed to the dance. We leave on the road at the end of February and are going to have big March, some beautiful dates are to be foreseen on summer also.

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