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News 2007
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November 2007

Well, that smells the winter with full nose. It is really the moment to return pret of the stamped radiator Grain! Of the blow we shelter with our recollections of a rainy summer, a comeback accompanied with our Ukrainian friends and Al K Traxx for 4 French dates. 10 strong days which give the envy to begin again in July, 2008 for example. The lorry which hurts the back turned in it limps with rent, us here is in the warmth in studio for this album compile about which we speak to you for some months. The affair is not still in the bag but this one is largely opened. We put it for the moment Yann Tiersen, Thomas Fersen and Bagad Kerné. Are going to follow Gérard Blanchard and Jimme des Silencers to arrive on November 15th and affect the other guests. November 30th the exit in the tubs of "Naitre" in version KELTIA MASTER series is going to follow. That means that we rerelease "Naitre" with bonus audios 9 in concerts, remixed or unpublished works and a DVD with a concert in Le Mans, clips and bonus. And how say Alain, Christmas is fast going to arrive this year!!!! To follow.

The current event of the group is rich at the moment. Taken out on November 30th, 2007 of the album to Be born in limited edition increased by 9 unpublished titles and by a DVD of the concert recorded in Le Mans. We added on the site of new photos and videos, in particular of our tour of October, 2007 with Gourtopravci and Al K Traxx. The recording of the new album advances well and the experience is very interesting: to revisit the directory of the group together with artists in the universe singular as Thomas Fersen, Yann Tiersen, Gérard Blanchard, Jimme O' Neill, Ronan Bars or Bagad kerné, among others, restores a new coolness in titles as The small pub, Has Montparnasse, There where I go, Revolution or If one thousand things. Dr Das, the bass player and founder of the collective Asian Dub Foundation, is going to join us for two concerts late in the year in Rennes and Briec. He proposed it to us, and we find the really interesting idea. We are impatient to confront, there also, our respective musical experiences.

October 2007

Hello to all. By what to begin; actus crowds and it is happy for a group independent as Red Cardell. On November 30th, 2007, with Keltia Musique, we rerelease "Naitre" accompanied with a DVD (concert, clips, bonus) and of a CD with lives in Ukraine, remix and unpublished works. We began the recording of the CD of 15 years which will go out in March, 2008. And to finish, our Ukrainian friends are in France with us for 4 dates. The first one belonged on Friday, October 12th to the Théatre de Cornouaille de Quimper to celebrate our 15 years there. What a foot!!! It was the class. The reactions of the public were beyond our espérences. We were delighted and proud to present it the spectacle with Ukrainian and Al k Traxx. We invite you to move to come to see us on 3 other dates (Niort, Megève and Schiltigueim). For those who know us, it is very surprising (countered it!!!) To see us with all these guests. For others, let tempt you... Best regards Red Cardell

August 2007

Hello everybody. After some holidays we here is again on the road. We play Lorient for the Festival Intercelique. It has been a good moment since we played in this festival and we are delighted!!! To follow a date to Plougoulm, then Guingamp for St Loup and Le Guilvinec. 4 days to follow it is cool. At the end of August we go towards Toulouse and to La Rochelle before attacking(affecting) big September with some dates, the beginning of the recording of compiles it and the prod. of the DVD. In brief, has of the job there!!! The list of the guests is buckled and we are super satisfied, we are well to have a good laugh. We shall say to you later who are the guests. The CD should go out in March or April, 2008 and the DVD for November or December, 2008.

Hello to all. Check the summer ends without having really begun and it is very strange. We began the recording of the album with the guests. Another scéance is foreseen in the middle of September, 2007. The list of the guests is almost closed and it is more than wide. We wait to finalize all the agreements to reveal it. It is a true opening not political but cultural!!!! Each the trick. Highly-rated concerts, 2 dates in September, 2007 in Switzerland(Swiss) and to Morlaix for the opening of the Studio. To follow concerts with Ukrainian in France and work on the DVD. In brief, we have some bread on it worked. Business to be followed!

July 2007

Hello to everybody. A little of delay in our actu!!! Sorry. Let us begin no small summary of the past month. A German tour extreme reactionary positive. The public reception was TOP. Our German turner has only good returns on our concert and blow we envisage one 2eme turned for March, 2008. It was before St Hernin to the festival Tro ar bed which further to a catastrophic weather report disappears. Sad bus equip wanted it. The beginning of July saw us of return in Ukraine for our 6eme turned in 2 years. We made 2 concerts with the Ukrainian musicians and 3 without them. Another great stay in spite of a cancellation of last minute. We here is thus of return in France for 5 concerts till the end of July. Side projects, the tour with Ukrainian in October is confirmed. We take with us 4 singers, 1 viloniste and ALK TRAXX for 5 dates in France. We shall be 10 on scene. More information in August. Otherwise, everything is well, the lads are in shape because we crossed the sun, the truth!!!! It was in Crimea and that makes the good. Kind regards, Jean Pierre, Jean Mich ' and Manu.

June 2007

Hello everybody! Several projects are in progress, among which a French tour in October with the Ukrainian group Hurtopravci, a violinist, and 2 trumpeters of Kiev, as well as the recording of an album with guests for March, 2008. We record in autumn. We also prepare the exit of a DVD for the end of the year. We reunite at present quite a lot of archives, photos, videos, audios on the group. If you have at you some pépites persos or other girls on the group, that interests us. Send we a mail to get in touch. We are going to launch a courcours of " HOME-MADE CLIP ". 2 titles of the last album and 1 remix shall serve as support. The winning clip will be on the DVD of October which will take out in France, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine and Russia. To follow in some days with all the information. Otherwise soon we put ourselves in German, we are delighted.

May 2007

Check go, not of BLABLA. It is not often that we put fingers inside but there one think that it a little urgency..... It is the first time when we use the actu of the group as political tool because It is very special for an artist to pronounce or to call to vote but there we are worried. We are profondéments against or anti Sarkozy for 3000 reasons for coming and already undergone for 5 years. In brief, not or more the time to develop why. Then VOTE for the left or against the right-hand side of which we are afraid last. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!! We shall resume the class of the normal actus from the next week. Best regards in all.

As you know it, we prepare an album compilation for our 15 years. We ask the question to put it unpublished works or occasions of important titles. Since Sunday evening 20 hours(8 pm), the French cultural history took a major bend, where from our sudden envy to intend to take unstoppable titles of the directory of the song as "On va s'aimer", "Les portes du pénitencier", "Les oranges amères" and other "La France.... elle t'a laissé tomber" my dear Michel. For Faudel and CD-ROM Gynéco, we wait their artistic maturity to choose one of their titles. As for Mireille Mathieu, Jean Pierre's tessiture does not correspond to its work. Otherwise, everything is well. We crossed Belgian friendly and opened to our music and a very nice asso to Hénon. Meeting with Trapdoors on Saturday to play it "RED CARDELL fait son bal" together with the Brothers Guichen. The kiss in all and all.

Hello to everybody, it does not seem to us impossible to see one day Red Cardell affecting the artistic maturity! We discuss it at present during very full of life debates. Indeed we decided too to break with the protocol. The bosses of the small pub tobacco bingo newspapers premises are very surprised to see us running everywhere, who in search of time lost (it muste be Manu) who in search of his accordion (it must be Jean Michel) and who in search of the standing (it muste be Jean-Pierre). We move on all the projects, soon some beautiful surprises of which Cd (in March, 2008) with a lot of guests crossed throughout these fifteen years of road. The project with the Ukrainian musicians takes shape, the tour is foreseen in the middle of October. In the meantime, we turn, we run, we play, we hope and especially: we wait for you on the road! Best regards

March 2007

Hello in all and all. We here is again left for Ukraine for a series of 5 concerts. Besides 2 concerts in Kiev we are going to visit 3 cities from the east of the country to know Donetsk, Karkov and Dniepopetrovsk. This tour is made within the framework of the day of the woman on March 8th. This date is holiday in Ukraine and leaves the place in a festive week. We should take advantage of it to film our journey and our meetings and also to think about the current projects (DVD, compile 15 years, turned of 15 years etc.). As usual we make you a summary of our trip from our return. Watch in the course of March the calendar, we are going to update it) for the summer tour. To finish, thanks to all those who sent us a message of félicitation for the price of the Telegram. That pleases. Best regards Jeans Pierre, Jean Michel and Manu.

Hello to all and all. We have just made our 5th tour in Ukraine with its lot of surprises, meetings, fatigue, speed and vodka. We smell more and more that the public and the media have the intéret truth for us. When we return to already visited cities, clubs are complete and the present media. That makes the good make all these kilometres and find an echo. Highly-rated project, we met a director who wishes to make a docu on the group and the meeting with Ukraine. It is plutot left well. We sharply attacked the discussions for the project of best-of of the 15 years. That moves well with a guests' very interesting list. We shall hold you well on informed. We ended the month with a concert to Plozevet. Great reception and a good concert, strange same because the sampleur of Manu returned the soul hanging the balance and of this fact we made the concert "for the ancient". It was finally a great moment when we rediscovered fragments. Business to be thus followed!!!

February 2007

And the winner is... RED CARDELL!!! After Dénez Prigent, Christophe Miossec and Yann Tiersen, us have just received the big price of the disc The Telegram of the best album in link with Brittany during year 2006 for the album "Naitre". This price was attributed to us by a jury consisted of professionals and readers of the newspaper among 70 albums candidates. We are very happy, because it rewards the work led with the support of the Theater of Cornouaille, within the framework of the creation of the spectacle "Red Cardell fait son bal" staged by Jean Beaucé. You will find the results on the blog of the telegram, http://prixdudisque.blogs.letelegramme.com We work at present on the other projects and shall not miss to announce it to you. For the moment we plan to leave one week to turn in Ukraine in March. A big tour gets ready from May, France, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine until October. Dates will be on-line very Soon.

January 2007

Hello in all and all. To begin all our wishes for 2007. Good moments, good moments and good moments. From our part, we return of Ukraine with a tour of 12 days and 10 concerts. So much to say to you that we return more than tired. As usual the reception was formidable, the public waited for us and it is very pleasant. Besides Kiev and Sebastopol, we played in 3 new cities: 2 in the West (Ivano Frankivsk and Lviv) and 1 in the East ( Donietsk). Everywhere rooms had prepared well our coming by organizing press conferences and good one proMb. Therefore, places were performed well and we had only to make good concerts to explode. It was the case in all the cities, what what lets augur of an interesting suite. We are going to prepare a series of photos to show you all this. Now, holidays and rest before recovering in the work. Best regards RED CARDELL

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