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News 2008
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December 2008

Hello everybody. We here is arrived at the last date of the year to Nantes on December 13th, 2008. We finish with all our guests. That to say all these moments of the crazy laughter, the feelings, the meetings, the sound, the rock not roll, a public numerous and delighted. Stéphane Mellino, Gérard Blanchard and Dr DAS discovered with surprise that was the truth fest-noz for the festival Yaouank, for Rennes, in front of 6000 persons which delight!!! We are more than satisfied with all these concerts. We recorded several dates and maybe intend to take out something in March or April. Business to be followed...

So here we are, 2008 has just passed by. It was a very big year for us with this enormous project for a group independent as our to reunite all these artists in our BANQUET. The hope and the energy that we put in this recording were rewarded. This disc opened us doors to there closed, a new public who discovered to us came to inflate those who follow us for a long time even since the beginning. We looked joyful concerts and partageurs, visited by new countries and recontrés a great deal of people delighted to have moved to see us on scene. We want to thank all those who also work so that RED CARDELL stays alive to know WESTERN QUAY, KELTIA music, The théatre of Cornouaille, Julie, and our two pals of road whom are Ludo and Damien. A very sincere happy New Year to everybody!!!

November 2008

Hello everybody! We began a beautiful series of concerts with the guests. The first date of the comeback took place at Manu in Niort with Jim, Dan, Stef and Dan. In brief, there was of the heavy with us and the evening was really TOP! We can imagine that the next dates to Quimper, Paris, Brest, Rennes and Nantes will be nice, them too. Come to see us with all this high society, it is a maid bursts total and shared!!! We play the titles of the Crystal banquet and the tubes of the guests. We record all this because we never know. Besides, we attacked the writing and the composition of our next CD, but that it is another history. To follow.

September 2008

Hello everybody. We here is on holidays after magnificent August. It began with a concert foreseen in the last minute to the festival of the End of the world to Crozon followed by our first one turned in Quebec and the whole ended to Benodet with all our guests (some videos to be viewed). We were splendidly welcomed in Quebec with in full stop a very big concert to Gaspé who is doubtless going to open us the Canadian doors. As for Bénodet, we gave a big performance in front of approximately 6000 persons! Which happiness to finish the summer on this concert important for us. All our guests of Jim to Stef, Gérard, Bagad, brass instruments were delighted to be on scene with us and it was doubtless the true reward and the confirmation that we were right to put so much energy in this album and this concert. Now, rest and RDV in October in Niort, Frangy, Paris, Brest, Quimper, Rennes with guests' large number with us!!!!

August 2008

Hello everybody! Here is already last July. That to say about this first month of festivals. We made all our concerts with guests. Whether it is Stéphane Mellino, Dan Ar Braz, Jim O' Neill, Ukrainian, the brothers Guichen or Louise Ebrel, we mixed our history with everybody and set a great deal of pleasure in front of a public very numerous in France or in Belgium. Of the blow the disc goes very well and we are more that delight. This August sees us making our first one turned in Quebec. We wait for many things of this movement because since the time which we tell us to go there low, we are impatient. We invite you in our free concert of Bendodet where we shall play with Gérard Blanchard, Stéphane Mellino, Jimme O' Neill, Bagad Kerné and surprises. A true event for us. business to be followed!!!

June 2008

Hello everybody. Since the exit of the album the end of April, 2008 we made some concerts in Ukraine, Germany, Belgium and France. We also crossed Mr Emir Kusturica in Paris and we gave him the album by explaining him that Mescufurus was inspired by Chat noir Chat Blanc, we would have said the kids! We attacked a series of concerts with some of the guests of the album. Besides the titles of the album we resume 2 titles of the Green Negresses. So much to say to you that resume Bodega and Zobi la mouche with Stéphane Mellino (Négresses Vertes) and Dr Das in the bass in front of 2000 persons to Evian, it was top. We move on for some good moments with Dan Ar Braz and Jimme O' Neill ( The Silencers). Which foot, after all these months of work and studio. The public and media reception of the album is very positive and as says our dear Nicos, it is that of the happiness. Otherwise, further to the collapse of overalls in Switzerland, we are 2 to want to play his marriage and 1 in its sports funeral...

April 2008

Hello everybody. That's it, our new disc "Le banquet de cristal" goes out. We are delighted because it ends 7 months of intense work to celebrate these 15 years of concerts. It really corresponds to our idea of departure and allowed us to work with old pals of the group, crossed musicians there are years or new knowledge. We are going to forbid it with many concerts that we shall make with all or any guests. Visit regularly the site because we update the dates of concerts regularly. We hope that this disc will please you and that you will come to visit us on scene!!! In the pleasure to cross you.

February 2008

Hello in all and all. We have just ended the mixing of the next album "Le banquet de Cristal" with all the dinner guests. We are delighted by the result because it corresponds to the initial project to know how to ring every title with the colour of the guest. These colours are multiple and the distance from style between Thomas Fersen and Dr DAS or Tiersen / Miossec and AL K TRAXX, Jimme O' Neill and Gérard Blanchard for example is surprising. All the meetings with all these artists were natural and sincere what gave us the envy to make some concerts with everybody. It will be the case in 4 or 5 occasions during this year. Business to be followed. At first meeting on April 28th, 2008 for the exit of the album.

January 2008

Here is thus the new year which begins. 2007 will stay for us as the year of the experiments, the meetings, the concerts with guests and then especially the recording during the last quarter of our next album. The mixing begins this week, the exit is foreseen in April, 2008. Work with all these artists who participate in the recording brought a lot to us. We really wished to share, and learnt a lot on the methods of recording of some and the others. The ancient fragments meet themselves réarrangés and we look forward to sharing that with you. "Naître" was rewarded by the price of the Telegram 2007. To receive this price, the year of fifteen years of the group, gave us a lot of enjoyment and confidence. We here is thus at the dawn of a new year when the projects do not miss: concerts with the guests of the disc are foreseen. And then especially begin the writing of new songs, experiment, progress, provoke meetings, learn as a matter of fact. Happy New Year 2008 and Good health to all.

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