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News 2009
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December 2009

Hello everybody! Here we are, the recording of the next album is ended. 3 extensive weeks of work and complicity with Clive Martin and Stéphane Mellino. They urged us to find ideas, to loosen us and to play without pressure with the simple pleasure to make correctly things. The disc will go out at the end of March, will consist of 12 titles. We hope that you will find your happiness there!!! .See you..

November 2009

Hello to everybody. Even some days and we return in studio for the next album. We still work on some titles and it left!!!! We shall put on our facebook page photos and videos to stick most on our every day daily paper. For those who want, send we if it is not already made friend's demand on our facebook. Besides, we put on http://www.youtube.com/REDCARDELL some videos of the concert of the Oasis in Le Mans and went out on REDCARDELL Keltia Master in 2008. Best regards in all and all

We are in studio since Monday. We try the most possible to make you live the history and the blow put most things possible on our facebook page. If you have a page do not hesitate to ask us as a friend, you will find photos, videos and all that it is necessary to see what we tinker in studio.

September 2009

Ben Here we are, a history has just ended!!!! Clapperboard of the end on the "tournée du Banquet de Cristal" to Ouessant. Magnificent Week end! Thanks to all those who made of this tour an incredible sharing. We are shared between enthusiasm and homesickness. A Banquet of birthday which between the recording and the tour lasts 2 years that does not leave intact... Then all our gratitude in all, artists, technicians, organizers, public, volunteers who allowed us to live that!!!! We siestons a little and leave on the other histories... Best regards

August 2009

Hello everybody. At the end of August with a good package of check festivals among which the last one, King Arthur to Bréal under Montfort and his 2 years of existence!!! Magnificent. The InterCeltic was also a big moment shared by 3000 persons even if the journalist of the Telegram does not share our opinion. It is so, we have no sound of Silencers and not the sound either Green Negresses. So goes the life companion. We end our trip of the Banquet on September 12th to Ouessant. Look for no more place, it is complete but we are going to film all this. Not the concert but the rest, which for us is the almost important party of this history. As regards the comeback, we attack with a festival that we want to make for a long time, At nights of mother-of-pearl with Tulle. In brief, everything is well!!! Best regards in all and all.

July 2009

Hello everybody! We start again of the service on the actu. Since New York, Czech republic. Great reception in festivals enough roots really conquered by our music. We are going to try to continue the history over there. The festivals and the scenes summer are begun. One rather light July but with beautiful dates with the guests to Amboise, Batz on Sea etc. We so attack the August with big date for us which is the InterCeltic Festival of Lorient which relied on us by programming us at the head of poster. We take advantage of the occasion to invite Thomas Fersen, Gérard Blanchard, Louise, Guichen, Farid, the brief bagad, the Mellino that will be a very big holiday!!! We work since May on the tour and the release of the next album in March, 2010. That moves well and let us have of beautiful opportunities. In brief, everything is well!!! A check be to everybody

May 2009

Hello everybody. We here is of return of New York City. What travels! By what to begin. By arriving we realize that by films and CD-ROMs we know many things of the architecture of the city, the sound and the atmospheres. Without there, we are in the film. We met adorable people, delighted to receive us. The first concert was a mixture of new yorkais and of French to celebrate St Yves. Good club and a public who was joyful and dancer! The next day, mythical Harlem, the district American black. Again a great reception of the public, the étonant to see lads of Harlem putting itself in circle to dance an andro!!! Last concert in connected Brooklyn. Quite other public too delighted to listen to us. It was the class of the beginning at the end. The team of BZH NY was for us there. We visited, walked(worked) in streets, crusaders of people who have incredible histories in this open city on the others. To redo urgently...

April 2009

Hello everybody. Check a cup furthermore in the shop window of RED CARDELL!!!! The jury of Product in Brittany awarded us the big price of the disc for " The crystal banquet " and it is class... Certe it is the reward which is offered to us, but we wanted to join it all the guests who participated in this album. As regards "La fête au village", it goes well, the returns which we receive are very good. For the continuation, a tour in New York City next month, a tour in Czech Republic in June and a big series of concerts with the guests. In brief everything is well. Just a small word on our next project, we attack in May some days of studio to prepare the next album which we envisage for April, 2010. Business to be followed!!!

February 2009

Hello everybody. Here are some news further to our alpine trip and the snow in Brittany... We have just ended the mixing of the live of the tour of the Banquet. The titles are pulled by concerts to Quimper in festival of Cornouaille, to Benodet and in Brest. Dan ar Braz, Mellino of the Négresses Vertes, Jim des Silencers, Gérard Blanchard, Dr DAS ex Asian Dub, Louise Ebrel, the brothers Guichen, Gourtopravci and Farid de Tayfa are of the part. 14 titles of big energy!!! The release is March 31st at Keltia Musique indeed on. We shall make even some dates with the guests this summer. In brief, fuss to follow!!!

Hello everybody. The next album goes out on March 31st, 2009 and is called " The holiday in the village ". It is the title which corresponds well to the spirit of what we lived during all these concerts. By waiting you can go on our myspace to listen to 3 of 14 titles that compose this "live". We hope that those who saw us with all our guests will find the atmosphere of these concerts and what those who had no occasion to listen to us recently shall feel the envy which we had to share. Do not hesitate to make us your impressions. We are well intended to turn till the beginning of September with a concert which looks memorable to Ouessant on September 12th, 2009, it will be the quite last date of the tour of the CRYSTAL BANQUET with a lot, many guests!!! To follow

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