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News 2010
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December 2010

2010 ends, we take advantage of a small welcome break of some weeks, before resuming the road and always the most possible with the copper section with whom we really share rare music moments. For this end of year you can listen to on December 25th at 6 pm on France Blue Breiz Izel, the concert given to Quimper on November 26th of this year with copper instruments and to look at the TNT on January 2nd on Tv Rennes, Ty Télé and Tébéo the concert of Yaouank on 2010 at 3:17 am. 55 Mn live with copper instruments and a version of Kazaktchok which ruffles the hair in front of 7000 persons. A true big recollection of 2010! Merry holidays of the end of year, see you next time.

November 2010

The end of the year approaches, we have some beautiful concerts in perspective to be prepared. We shall be present four days from 19 till 22 November 2010 in the show of the music in Villette, on the stand Yamaha Musique France with whom we are partners since 1999. You will find on these links, the information as well as our various schedules of passage. www.salon-musique.com, then place to the yaouank festival (www.yaouank.com) in Rennes together with the section of brass instruments, 2 years after our last passage with the guests of the "Crystal banquet" and whose very good recollection we keep. On November 26th, 2010 we play to quimper, at the house, at the Level, with brass instruments also. This concert will be the occasion of a recording live diffused on the antenna of France Blue Breiz Izel on January 1st of this year. A program charged well thus for this month.

August 2010

Hello, in spite of the summer beginning opposed by a whimsical weather report, dates are enchainées and we take a lot of pleasure on scene. The formula with brass instruments is really a success, to paraphrase Hervé of "Debout sur le Zinc", that sends of the beam … We gave some dates with quite a lot of guests, that allows to vary a little the program and prevents us from falling in a certain routine. The soloes of Dan Ar Braz, the energy of Guichen, Dave Pegg's groove, the version of "Bal à L’Ouest" with Thierry Runarvot's bass, without forgetting Gérard Blanchard's humor and class of Jimme O' neill, will stay for us of very beautiful moments of life where we feel rewarded for practising this beautiful job that is the scene. We prepare two projects discographiques simultaneously, the one for 2011 with some friends, and indeed on the album of 20 years of the group for 2012 when we plan some beautiful journeys. We inform you from the comeback, and thank you still for your support.

May 2010

Hello, we thus resume the road from this weekend and go enchainer quite a lot of dates till the end of the summer. We lived very good moments in April. The formula with brass instruments meets a beautiful success, we are pressed to find them from end-June in Artzimutés of Cherbourg. Then the program of the summer is going to consist as usual in numerous "experiments", by urging some guests to come to spend a good moment with us, brass instruments naturally, but also Dave Pegg bass player of Fairport Agreement and Jethro Tull (Douarnenez on July 25th, 2010), Thierry Runarvot of the Set Mattheus in the bass and the bass (Huelgoat on August 5th, 2010), the Brothers Guichen with whom we set up bit by bit a directory … Finally a date with Dan Ar Braz, Jimme O' Neill, Stéphane Mellino, Gérard Blanchard to Loon Plage on July 25th, 2010. Jean Pierre gives you some precision onto his Blog.

April 2010

Hello, a point on the price of our discs in shop further to all the messages which we received. With the principle of the margins rear and operations proMb for exit of album, all the record dealers (or almost) should retrocede all around 4€ in 6€ on the selling price in shop to find the disc towards 17€ or 18€. Some chaines do not play the game and win 11€ by disc!!! Return you towards your record dealer who due to receiving this kind of message can envisage another politics. With keltia our label, it is very difficult to us with our independent's flag to press to see the price of our discs falling.

March 2010

Hello everybody! We are there, this week, on Friday, March 26th, 2010 takes out our 12th album " White Sun ". 12 titles compose this new opus recorded in November and December, 2009 to Rochefort, together with our friends Clive Martin and Stéphane Mellino (Négresses Vertes). You can listen to the title "Robert Johnson" on this page and also some extracts on our Myspace. Our Internet site is going to make new skin soon, new homepage etc., etc.... Please us excuse in advance, if turbulences there is! Thanks to all

January 2010

Hello everybody! And indeed on all our wishes for this new big general store!!! We prepare actively the release of the album "Soleil Blanc" which is foreseen on March 26th, 2010. We work on proMb, on concerts, on disc, on notebook, on poster etc.... In brief, there is of the job!!! We are going to attack in February, 2010 a series of rehearsals to prop up the new spectacle. We are in a hurry to see again each other to play the new titles. it is going to need to find a learned mixture enter to play the new album, but especially not to forget titles which the public comes to listen to!!! In brief, the more we make of album and the more that becomes complicated this history... Bbusiness to be followed.

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